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Welcome to It's in the Syllabus™, a website devoted to college instructors and student success faculty.

As a community college instructor, I have always wanted a website that would provide me with information that can help me be a better teacher. After years of searching (and wishing and hoping and praying), all I have found are the sites that cater either to elementary school teachers or students. Thus, I decided to create my own.

To that end, I have created a website that provides suggested readings and links, sample engaging activities, and even something to wear in the classroom! If you have ever had to utter the words "It's in the syllabus™!" then you will surely find this website helpful to you.

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The Community College Experience: PLUS

The only book on the market truly written for community college students.
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It's In The Syllabus™ - Products

Tell them where to look without saying a word!
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Keynote Speaking and Workshops

The keynote will lay down the framework for the following program of events...
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